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About Vanipha Asian Gourmet

Commencing from humble beginnings as a refugee from Laos, founder Vanipha Southalack never lost sight of her native country.  Born in Chiang Saen, Thailand and later settled in Luang Prabang Laos, she wanted to introduce everyone to the unique flavours indigenous to her beloved roots.


She made her first mark onto the culinary scene in the early eighties bringing authentic Thai/Laotian cuisine to Queen Street West and later opened up her own restaurant among the eclectic shops of kensington market in 1989, continuing to spread her flavours to the restaurants in Forest Hill/Eglinton West and lastly St. Clair West…..


Today, she continues to be a constant motivator and creative director to the Vanipha Asian Gourmet kitchen.


The future of Vanipha Asian Gourmet lies in the hands of her daughter and son in law. Complimenting one another with their passion for great food and excellent business ethics, it remains a family affair.  Together they strive to mark their own presence as a recognized food company providing only the finest Asian products, unique to the industry.


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